Joseph James Chung

Joseph James Chung
Education: Johns Hopkins University

Joseph has always believed in the collective human ability to achieve great feats. Passionate about developing himself, individuals, teams, and organizations at every level, he is inspired by people around him. After starting a successful company in Silicon Valley, Joseph began investing his personal funds and time into developing Thalas. In July of 2010, Joseph selected a group of private investors to acquire The Thalas Group over the course of two years for an undisclosed amount. The deal was finalized in July of 2012. Joseph now works with select Thalas Ontogenies and other organizations in efforts to further socially conscious organizational development.

Joseph has worked with Google, Facebook, Jet Blue, Atlantis Paradise Island, Hilton Hotels, Berrett-Koehler Publishing, Jossey Bass, Wiley, Authentic Leadership Institute, Malcolm Drilling, Sares Regis Real Estate Development, China's Hunan Province in Business & Education, and Professors and Institutions at Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon, and has been interviewed in various publications including The Wall Street Journal. He is the co-founder of The O Campaign Foundation for human health and well-being. Joseph also held a decade-old record in northern Utah's 100 yd butterfly.

Joseph was born and raised in Logan, Utah. He earned his BA in International Studies with Honors from The Johns Hopkins University, focusing on East Asia and Business; specifically, Entrepreneurship, Management, and the Chinese Culture & Mandarin Language. He swam varsity at Hopkins, started and led influential student leadership organizations still operating today, worked with Bloomberg in Manhattan and San Francisco as a specialist in financial markets, then worked closely with Bill George, best selling author of Authentic Leadership and True North. Joseph resides in different countries, is the career and post graduate advisor for Stanford University's premier leadership development organization, and was recently invited to become a regular contributor to the International Business Times.

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Speaker, Thalas Speakers Series
Co-Founder, O Campaign Foundation

Praise for Mr. Chung

“I believe Joe is a man of destiny, whose accomplishments and contributions will reflect favorably on us.” – Robert Lindgren, President, Randolph-Macon

“Mr. Chung... benefited from the mix between the Chinese culture of working hard and never being satisfied and the American culture of always getting awarded...” – The Wall Street Journal

“Joe has proven himself an intelligent, capable, and principled leader who has made important contributions to Johns Hopkins and our surrounding community.” – William Brody, President, Johns Hopkins University

“I can say without hesitation that Joe Chung is a man of good character, with high ambition.” – Matthew P. Eversmann, USA, MSG (whose character is portayed by Josh Hartnett in full length motion picture “Black Hawk Down.”)

“I predict with confidence that Joe will play a role of major importance in American-Chinese relations, in the course of a highly successful professional career.” William T. Rowe, John and Diane Cooke Professor of Chinese History, Johns Hopkins University

“Joe ranks among the very most remarkable… for his incomparable leadership and for my admiration for what he has so diligently and effectively accomplished…” – Robert Lindgren, President, Randolph-Macon

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